3 Reasons Shivoo Is The Best Drinking Game You Can Buy

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

We've made the best drinking game you can buy, here's 3 reasons why.

1. It Brings Out Everyone's Competitive Spirit

Much like everyone else in their 20s, most of 2020 has been an exercise in finding new ways of getting drunk within the confines of our home. After about the 13th game of Cards Against Humanity, I was frustrated that I really couldn't care less whether I won or lost - I need something gloat over. From that point I knew we could make an experience that people would care about winning.

Shivoo is unique to other drinking games in that we have a clear path to victory; complete 4 challenges from Round One: Mind, and 3 challenges from Round Two: Body. The competitive nature has several advantages over other games. You're more invested in the game, including the drinking elements (next stop: drunkenness). If you're playing with new people, you'll forge bonds with your teammates and break the ice with your opponents. If playing with mates, Shivoo takes no responsibility for any arguments.

Calm down, it's just a game.

2. Innovative And Multi-Dimensional Challenges

You'll find no 'Name the person most likely to...' or 'Never have I ever...' here. Our challenges are designed to be different, varied, and a little challenging. In round one, you'll be tested on your musical knowledge (as well as some questionable singing abilities), your film knowledge, ability to keep to an accent (it doesn't need to be good, from experience, just consistent), and hold a speech (without piss pronouncing any of your worms).

In round two, the challenge shifts to your body. There are challenges for everyone, it's certainly not just a test of physical strength. No hands is a round based on dexterity and intuition, both are certainly required to send a message on your phone with your hands behind your back. Physical challenges range from my longest yeah boy ever, to thumb wars and more traditional things like planks and press-ups. To round it off, a series of challenges testing how drunk you are. From personal experience, it's better to get this category sooner rather than later.

Fundamentally, it's our challenges that make us different. We provide a unique experience like no other drinking game can.

A tense Moo-Off in progress.

3. Play Over And Over, You Won't Get Bored

The nature of our games mean you can play as many times as you like and it will never be the same. There are no answers to memorise, and no secret formula to winning. Each time you play will be different, all of our games depend on who you're playing with, and of course how drunk you are.

We wanted to create a game that won't end up on gathering dust on the shelves of students, but one that is gin-soaked and has been the starting point, and end point of some of your favourite nights.

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