10 Things You Will Definitely Experience In A Game Of Shivoo

From drunken sing-alongs to moo-offs, here's 10 things that'll definitely happen when you play Shivoo.

1. Someone doing a s**t accent

There is absolutely no doubt that this is happening in every game you play. Even for the most adept impressionists, adding alcohol to the equation can lead to disastrous results. In many ways, the worse the accent is, the most fun this round is. Don't fear; your accent isn't marked on its accuracy, just keep it up and you pass!

2. A group sing-along using a bizarre word

The mark of any good drinking game is undoubtedly everyone in the group singing along to 'My heart will go on' by Celine Dion using only the word 'bald'. Well, there's going to be plenty of that in a game of Shivoo. Kara-No-Key starts off with one player singing to their teammates, and more often than not ends in everyone joining in for an old fashioned sing-song with a difference.

3. That feeling when the arrow tips to 'Finish Your Drink'

A real heart sinker.

4. 'Err. Oh f**k sake'

Speech Time is arguably the most difficult game on the board. Speaking for 20 seconds without hesitation or repeating is difficult in the best of times, let alone 5 drinks down. A nightmare of epic proportions is almost certain to come true, when, 18 seconds in you utter 'err'. Almost certainly followed by a barrage of expletives.

5. Moo-Off

There's got be no better sight than watching 2 people, by this point in the evening fairly merry, facing each other on all fours and mooing like cows. It really is a sight to behold.

Social distancing please, chaps.

6. Waterfalls

We've ignored TLC's timeless advice and have in fact decided to go chasing waterfalls. Prepare yourselves to call out the 'but my drink is empty' avoidance.

7. Stitching someone up with a finish

Shivoo is a game in which stitch ups are part and parcel. Although it may be give you great pleasure in choosing someone who has just filled up their drink to finish it, beware: they'll be watching you very closely to try and return the favour!

8. An overly competitive physical challenge

There's nothing that gets more competitive than a physical challenge between two people with your group of friends cheering you on. Whether it's a thumb war, a plank, squat hold, or a longest yeah boi; there'll be no-one giving up easily.

9. A tipsy tumble

'No Hands' and 'Are You Bev'd?' both have challenges that do not lend well to both heavy drinking and remaining upright. Whether it's picking up a beer bottle with your mouth, or spinning around 10 times to then walk in a straight line; expect a few tumbles.

10. A big fat gloating session

Nothing rounds off a victory in a game of Shivoo like a massive gloat, just make sure you're keeping score of wins.

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